Dividend Payments

YTD Dividends Paidas of04/28/2016
Dividend Frequency
Record Date Ex-Dividend Date Reinvest & Payable Date Dividend Reinvest Price
12/17/2012 12/18/2012 12/18/2012 $0.23770 $31.99

Capital Gains Distributions

Record Date Reinvest & Payable Date Long-term Short-term * Total Reinvest Price
12/17/2015 12/18/2015 $5.0562 - $5.0562 $20.42

Upcoming Distributions

This section lists all anticipated income and Capital Gain distribution dates and any actual distributions are subject to adequacy of earnings and must be approved by the Board of Directors/Trustees. Please note that dates are subject to change.

Capital Gain Distribution

Record Date
Reinvest & Payable Date

Upcoming Dividend Payment Dates

Record Date Ex-Dividend Date Reinvest & Payable Date
12/15/2016 12/16/2016 12/16/2016
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