Inflationary Pressures and the Supply Chain: Can an Improving Supply Chain Help to Ease Price Pressures?

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Inflationary Pressures and the Supply Chain: Can An Improving Supply Chain Help to Ease Price Pressures?


May 11, 2022 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, EDT

The economic re-opening unleashed substantial, pent-up consumer demand on a global supply chain struggling with labor shortages and production headwinds. As companies contend with input shortages compounded by the war in Ukraine and lockdowns in China, inflation risks outside of the purview of central banks may persist.

Join our webinar on May 11 as we discuss the effects of the crisis and its impact on inflation and economic growth, as well as the potential opportunities that may arise for agile businesses and durable franchises that adapt to the rising complexities of supply chain dynamics. Lord Abbett credit and equity investment leaders and industry specialists will include:

  • John Novak, CFA, Deputy Director of Global Credit Research
  • Benjamin Ebel, Innovation Growth Equity Portfolio Manager specializing in small capitalization growth stocks
  • Matthew McConnell, CFA, Durable Growth Equity Research Analysts covering information technology and industrials
  • Timothy Paulson, Investment Strategist


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