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The Great Wealth Transfer: Multigenerational Legacy Planning

Over the next several decades, as some of the wealthiest Americans approach retirement, the biggest and wealthiest generation in U.S. history will transfer an estimated $30 trillion in assets* to their Gen X and Millennial heirs. In the decades to come, trillions of dollars will pass to their younger family members—much of it invested in tax advantaged retirement accounts. Intergenerational transfers of wealth create a vast network of opportunities for financial advisors and their clients as the “great wealth transfer” accelerates.

Please join Brian Dobbis as he highlights several new post SECURE Act beneficiary, inheritance, and estate planning strategies. While these concepts may seem straightforward, if not implemented correctly, they can have a significant impact on who inherits a 401(k) or IRA, and length of the payout. It’s critical that retirement account holders and their beneficiaries keep current.


  • Legacy planning strategies (post SECURE Act)
  • Naming a trust beneficiary
  • Inherited IRA rules and strategies
  • Disclaiming retirement income
  • Implementing these strategies to potentially retain and gain assets 
  • Common beneficiary errors

*Source: CNBC: “Promises, Problems on Horizon as $30T Wealth Transfer Looms”, February 2017

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