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Fixed-Income Insights

As Lord Abbett’s Climate-Focused Bond Fund completes its first year since inception, Portfolio Manager Annika Lombardi talks to Steve Raimer, a Partner and leader in the Product Strategy group.


Annika (new VO)

Hi. I’m Annika Lombardi. A little over a year ago, my team and I launched Lord Abbett’s first environmental, social and governance, or ESG, -centric fund, the Climate-Focused Bond Fund, in the United States and abroad. As sustainable investing has been a passion of mine since early in my career, this was a huge milestone. And, as Lord Abbett continues to focus its broader investment philosophy on ESG and sustainability, I’m proud to say the Climate-Focused Bond Fund is only the beginning. I spoke with Lord Abbett Partner and Product Strategy Leader Steve Raimer for his take on the past year – and the years ahead. You’re listening to Green Shoots.



… Thanks so much for joining me, Steve.






So in your position, you've been able to see the ESG related questions that come from both current and potential clients. Could you talk a little bit about how those questions have changed over time?



Yeah, absolutely. So-- the inquiries from our clients and perspective clients have evolved a lot over the last few years. A few years ago, they would be very basic high level questions, and now they're getting much more into detail. So thematically, the discussion has really shifted from our approach (MEDIA SKIPS) to ESG, to the impact that we're having-- in-- in the market.


And today, it's less about what we believe and why we're doing what we do, and it's more about how we're doing it. So the focus on a lot of the conversations today will be on the specific actions and the specific outcomes associated with our ESG efforts in our portfolios.


When clients speak to us today about ESG, they don't just wanna know how we think about it, or-- or how we integrate it, they wanna know how that actually manifests in portfolios. So rather than just ask about what we're buying or selling, they want to know why we're doing it, and how we're impacting behavior of those issuers in-- in the portfolios.


And when you think about the way that we, as an asset management firm, can impact behavior, there's really two tools-- two tools in the toolbox, and Annika, you know this, is they're both at your disposal in your fund-- we can allocate capital, and we can engage with those issuers. And today, we're getting-- a lot more interest from clients, they're holding our feet to the fire, to make sure that we demonstrate how we're using those tools to really make a difference.

Annika (new VO)

Steve says there are essentially five key categories that encapsulate the types of research questions he receives from clients: Philosophy and Process; Resources and Personnel; Active Ownership; Policy and Framework; and Climate-Related questions. Steve described each one, starting with Philosophy and Process.



… We're fortunate in that the

(MEDIA SKIPS) infrastructure that we've built here allows us to respond from a position of strength, because we've got a firm level approach to global corporate citizenship that really does go hand-in-hand with the whole ESG initiatives.


And it allows us to speak about things like our mission and our values, and how we're looking to make a difference in world. The questions-- you know, the simple questions early on were, "Do you incorporate ESG into your portfolio management practices?" And today, the questions are more like, "How does consideration of ESG factors impact valuation analysis?"

Annika (new VO)

The second category – Resources and Personnel – includes questions about research tools and team structure.



…We do have significant external research coming into the firm, but I think one of the places we've excelled in the last couple of years is the internal analytics that we've developed to supplement, and to fill the gaps, where there's not outside research available.


…Our culture and our governance structure really allows us to answer those questions from a position of strength. Because we've built a structure at the firm where we've got various committees, the executive committee, the investments committee, the Global Corporate Citizenship committee, who all have a hand in shaping our approach and overseeing our approach to ESG


And then-- we've got-- bodies like the Investment Stewardship Council, who are directly involved in the tactical kind of day-to-day execution.

Annika (new VO)

Steve says answering clients’ questions about the third category – Active Ownership – is something that enables the team to demonstrate the advancements made in the past few years.



Clients wanna know how we're engaging on the ESG issues, and-- those questions, again, are starting to become very specific. Not just, "Do you engage," or "How do you engage?" They'll ask us for specific scenarios. "Give us an example where you've engaged with an issue, or-- and it led to a good outcome, and it impacted performance in a positive way."

Annika (new VO)

The next category, Policy and Framework, is something Steve says puts the commitment to paper.



It's not enough to just say our practitioners are focused on integrating ESG. Clients wanna know that there's a formal policy behind it, that ensures that it's happening, and it's happening in a certain way. So written communications, like our Responsible Investment Policy, which clients can all see on our website.

Annika (new VO)

The fifth category is something that’s very near and dear to my heart: Climate-Related questions. I should note that Steve references the TCFD here, which stands for The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, which focuses on market transparency when it comes to climate-related risks and opportunities.



…Climate change emerging as a premier topic, it shouldn't surprise anybody, but the degree to science clients are focusing on it now, it's almost like there's ESG, and then there's climate change inquiries. And what they're asking for are more than just, "Do you think about climate change in your investment management processes?"


They wanna know if you're aligned with established frameworks, like the TCFD. They're using those types of frameworks as a roadmap. So the questions that they'll ask will actually trace some of the TCFD requirements. And I think what it does for us-- it-- you know, it allows us to get better, because it allows us to focus in areas where we could formalize policies and procedures, and it kind of gives us a roadmap for how we can-- we can get better around climate change.

Annika (new VO)

Steve fields questions from clients around the world. I asked him how the questions he gets from U.S.-based investors differ from those outside the U.S.



I should preface this by saying you've actually managed money on both continents, so you may be in a better position to-- (LAUGH) to speak about this. But certainly, we're seeing a lot of activity from our European clients, and South American clients as well.


So think historically, interest in ESG has lagged in the U.S. versus-- certainly in Europe, but non U.S. clients, in general. In the last year or two, we're starting to see the U.S. interest really spike, and maybe in the last six months, we've seen kind of an acute-- acceleration.


And at the same time, we're seeing not the interest, but the level of specificity and intensity around those inquires from non-U.S. clients is rising in a similar (MEDIA SKIPS) way. So-- we're definitely seeing that take off in-- in parallels.


…Outside of just our actual portfolio management processes-- we're starting to field-- a lot more questions around firm diversity.


What's the composition of the organization? How do we think about diversity and inclusion? And-- everything from spreadsheets to breakdown the composition of the organization, the workforce, at the management level, at the partner level, at the executive level, at the investment team level-- we're seeing all kinds of breakdowns.


And I would say again, that's something that probably in the last six months or so, we've seen an acute acceleration in those questions.

Annika (new VO)

Steve also pointed out that, while Europe may be a bit further ahead of the U.S. when it comes to ESG investing, there is one area in particular where the gap isn’t so wide.



The last survey that we saw just a couple of days ago suggested that only 5% of European domiciled (MEDIA SKIPS) funds were categorized in what we would call the greenest category, Category Nine. Which again, Annika, you're familiar with, because the climate focused bond fund is our Category Nine.


And more than 80% of European domiciled funds in this survey were in Article Six, which suggests that they are-- integrating ESG, but don't have a specific, sustainable mandate. That tells me that the gap between the U.S. and the E.U. may not be quite as significant as we thought it was. Right?


And more than 80% of European domiciled funds in this survey were in Article Six, which suggests that they are-- integrating ESG, but don't have a specific, sustainable mandate. That tells me that the gap between the U.S. and the E.U. may not be quite as significant as we thought it was. Right?



Yeah, it's funny, when I moved to London in 2010, as an analyst, I'd been an analyst here, in the U.S. for a few years, I hadn't even heard of ESG. And then when I start working London, it was, like, well, we incorporate ESG here, and I had to kind of relearn all that, it was just a common language over there already.


But I would say I have been very surprised at the pace-- of ESG integration both here, in the U.S., as well as you know, even more and more so now in emerging markets. And it really feels like it's picking up steam, and as you said, the gap probably isn't as large as we thought it was anymore, given how quickly it's grown here, in the U.S.



… I would look at that comparison the way we look at active versus passive, right, where we say we don't need to take a stand on active management, as a whole. We need to take a stand on what we do as an organization, and feel good about what we put out in the marketplace.

Annika (new VO)

Steve is also a key contributor to Lord Abbett’s relationship with UN PRI, or the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment, an organization we’ve been affiliated with since 2016. I asked him to talk a little bit about what that signatory commitment entails, and how our performance as a firm is measured.



The last time I looked, PRI was over 1,200 signatories, and represented over $70 trillion in assets. So we think of it as kind of the premiere global organization for responsible investment. And the principles are really you know, in short, they're around incorporating ESG into our analysis and decision making.


It's about being active owners. It's about seeking disclosure, and promoting implementation across the industry. And working together to enhance the effectiveness of implementing these principles. And then working to report on our own activities and progress. So when you think about those principles, there's a lot around transparency and reporting.


…And then there's other offshoots, like Climate Action 100-Plus, which I know you're very familiar with. CA-100-Plus is an investor led initiative to focus on engaging with the world's largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters.


And we joined CA-100-Plus, I'd say about a year and a half ago. And we're actively engaged in two specific engagements with focus companies now. And it's just a great opportunity for us to see another side of how we can incorporate ESG into our practices.



Sounds like you're a very busy man.



Well, I didn't say I was doing it, I just— (LAUGHTER) very close to it, but there's an army of people in this building (LAUGHTER) focused on things like CA-100-Plus.

Annika (new VO)

As we wrapped our conversation, Steve shared a few ESG-related anecdotes on a personal level.



I've got two sons, and one just graduated college last week, and is very dialed into the environment, and I'll tell you what, man, it makes you the cool dad when you could come home from work and say, "I'm involved in my company's sustainability efforts."


Don't even underestimate how ESG and sustainability can allow you to connect with your children, because that generation just… it's so important.

… When I think about how I got involved in ESG to the extent that I am-- I didn't really gravitate towards ESG because it was a passion.


That's not to say I didn't care, but it wasn't something that was pulling me on a personal level. ESG first caught my attention, really, as a business trend, you know, six-ish years ago.


And so I started to just, you know, get curious and read a little bit more, and understand what it was, and why it mattered. And the more I read, and the more I learned, the more I started to realize that this is not going away, it's gonna become bigger and bigger and bigger.


And at a certain point in 2016, when we became a signatory to PRI, I think we recognized that ESG was gonna be table stakes in pretty short order. And I think now, five years later, we could say it's table stakes, right? Like, if you're not integrating ESG in an authentic way, you will be left behind in this industry.


You know, the fact that we're (MEDIA SKIPS) able to authentically integrate ESG and do good things with the tools that we have as an asset management firm, puts us on the right side of good. So it's exciting to watch, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Annika (new VO)

That’s all for this episode of Green Shoots. Learn more about Lord Abbett’s commitment to sustainability by visiting our website, Lord-Abbett-dot-com, and be sure to like and subscribe to Green Shoots for more insights. See you next time.

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