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Navigate the world of investing opportunity on your iPad

Perspectives on the iPadDownload the Lord Abbett Perspectives App
from the Apple App Store

With our Perspectives app, you can explore commentary and analysis from Lord Abbett experts on your iPad. With an engaging story format, video segments, and interactive features, Perspectives combines the analytical rigor and investment expertise of Lord Abbett’s traditional publications with the storytelling power of the iPad to provide an enhanced experience for advisors and investors.

Perspectives on the iPad

Other Perspectives available on the iPad:

  • Making the Most of IRA Season
  • Setting the Scene for 2016
  • IRAs: A Roadmap for Year-End 2015—and Beyond
  • Investment Research: How Collaboration Is Changing the Game
  • Bonds: The Liquidity Question
  • Building the Case for Municipal Bonds
  • Rollover IRAs—The Rules of the Road
  • International Equities: Mapping the Opportunities
  • Leveraged Credit: Framing the Future
  • The Power of Dividends
  • Active Management − Value By Design
  • Setting the Scene for 2015
  • Bonds: Finding the Right Lineup
  • Special Report: Active Management
  • IRAs: The Rollover View
  • Practice Management: Navigating the Seas of Change
  • Special Report: High-Frequency Trading
  • Municipal Matters: Three Crucial Market Signals
  • Five Factors Favoring Active Management
  • Why Stock Picking Keeps on Ticking
  • Our Demographic Destiny
  • Growth Stocks: Six Big Rivers

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