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Responsible Investing Policy

Our Approach

Lord Abbett is one of the oldest money management firms in the U.S. and has forged a principles-led, performance-oriented, and purpose-driven culture that is built on people, performance, relationships, and organizational agility—and guided by the values of excellence, responsibility, transparency, and collaboration. As a committed global corporate citizen, we are inspired by our mission: Securing a sustainable future for our clients, our people, and our world.

We take seriously our fiduciary responsibility in helping our clients meet their investment objectives, and we believe sustainability can have a tangible impact on an investment’s risk profile and its ability to generate returns over the long term; therefore, we take Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors into consideration in our investment analysis. As a further step in deepening our commitment to investors, Lord Abbett is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). We support the PRI framework in its efforts to foster engagement among investors and promote acceptance of its mission. Our definition of responsible investment is aligned with the PRI definition, which is a strategy and practice to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions and active ownership.

Various governing bodies provide guidance and oversight of our approach to responsible investment. Our Executive Committee, one of two committees focused on managing and operating the firm, provides leadership, strategic direction, and crisis management for the organization. Our Investment Committee, also charged with managing and operating the firm, is responsible for fostering a culture of trust and respect, thereby empowering the investment area to operate at peak performance. Our Global Corporate Citizenship Committee is tasked with defining and defending our higher purpose and ensuring our ongoing commitment to our stakeholders. Our Investment Stewardship Council is responsible for promoting active ownership and providing governance over all forms of ESG engagement. Collectively, these bodies provide governance over our responsible investment strategies and activities.

To the extent that individual client investment guidelines for a separate account include a screening/ exclusion policy, we will seek to implement such an approach in accordance with guidelines. We also believe a responsible investment approach can result in positive impact beyond the financial return of a particular security and, thus, we believe that ESG integration can serve investors at large over the long term.

ESG & Investing

Our mission is to deliver superior, long-term, risk-adjusted investment performance across all strategies. We recognize that ESG factors can materially impact investments in the portfolios we manage. Therefore, we seek to analyze and understand ESG factors in order to properly assess both the risk and return potential of all investments. When analyzing the risk/reward profile of a security, we evaluate the impact of ESG risks on enterprise value and, as with any other risks, we seek to ensure that the expected return for every investment is commensurate with those risks. We also expect that consideration of ESG factors will lead to alpha opportunities, as we believe that companies that provide solutions to some of the largest and most pressing ESG issues have the potential to offer higher risk-adjusted returns.

ESG & Engagement

Integration of ESG considerations into our investment processes requires active ownership. Active ownership means engaging directly with company management with the intent of understanding, influencing, or exchanging perspectives on ESG issues. Our pursuit of managing risk effectively is naturally aligned with active ownership, as we seek to identify companies with strong corporate governance and to avoid the adverse effects associated with poor environmental and social practices. Through engagement we seek to understand these practices and, when appropriate, influence behavior in pursuit of sustainable outcomes. Active ownership is promoted by our Investment Stewardship Council (ISC), which provides governance over all forms of ESG engagement. Our engagement activities related to ESG are further defined by our Engagement Policy, our Guidelines for Corporate Governance, and a portion of our Proxy Voting Procedures pertaining to environmental, social and governance issues. In addition, we actively seek opportunities to participate in collaborative engagement activities with other asset owners.

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Responsible Investing Policy

No investing strategy can overcome all market volatility or guarantee future results. ESG investing is subject to the risk that such a strategy may select or exclude securities of certain issuers for reasons other than investment performance considerations which may negatively affect a portfolio's performance. Certain ESG-related investments may be dependent on government policies and subsidies, which are subject to change or elimination.


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