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Bond Debenture Fund

Multi-Sector Income Since 1971

We believe a flexible, diversified approach to fixed income—one that includes a mix of investment-grade, high-yield, and equity-related securities—can potentially generate consistent long-term returns with less volatility than pure equity or high-yield strategies.

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Based on hypothetical Class A share investment of $100,000 on 04/01/1971, at net asset value and includes the reinvestment of all distributions and excludes sales charges. Data as of 12/31/2018. Past performance is not a reliable indicator or guarantee of future results. Sharp market fl¬uctuations can materially change the character of a mutual fund’s track record. It is possible that during any given time frame within the periods shown above the Fund may have had negative performance. Please follow link to Fact Sheet (above) for standardized performance information.


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