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Focused Growth Fund



What is the Focused Growth Fund?

The Fund seeks to deliver long-term growth of capital by investing primarily in stocks of U.S. companies.

Fund Basicsas of 10/30/2020

Total Net Assets
$27.79 M
Inception Date
Dividend Frequency
Monthly (Daily Accrual)
Fund Gross Expense Ratio
Fund Net Expense Ratio
Number of Holdings

TEN LARGEST HOLDINGS as of 10/30/2020View Portfolio

Holding Assets
Amazon.com, Inc. 6.4%
Apple, Inc. 6.0%
Microsoft Corp. 5.1%
Facebook, Inc. 4.5%
Alphabet, Inc. 4.1%
Roku Inc 4.0%
Zoom Video Communications Inc 3.9%
NVIDIA Corp. 3.8%
Square, Inc. 3.6%
Snap Inc 3.5%


F. Thomas O'Halloran
F. Thomas O'Halloran, CFA, J.D.

Partner & Portfolio Manager

33 Years of Industry Experience

Vernon Bice
Vernon Bice, CMT

Portfolio Manager

19 Years of Industry Experience

Matthew R. DeCicco
Matthew R. DeCicco, CFA

Partner & Director of Equities

21 Years of Industry Experience

Supported By 39 Investment Professionals with 18 Years Avg. Industry Experience

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Year Fund Returns Russell 1000® Growth Index
2019 15.40% 36.39%
Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Yearly Returns
2020 -7.28% 41.93% 21.16% - 73.44%
2019 - 4.37% -8.43% 12.99% 15.40%


Date Net Asset Value



Portfolio Positioningas of 09/30/2020

  • We believe the Fund’s long-term positioning in high innovation stocks and industries should be a tailwind for relative performance. The pandemic has steepened the slope of the adoption curve of many of the trends we are invested in.
  • We believe industries powering the technology revolution – from the cloud to artificial intelligence to biotechnology, medical devices, and ecommerce – are best positioned to weather both cyclical bear markets and corrections with unique catalysts, and benefit from the innovative environment that will likely persist for years.
  • Moreover, unlike many other areas of the economy, we believe that these targeted areas of innovation should continue to exhibit fundamental strength and have the potential for greater relative performance through an economic slowdown, as they continue to displace older businesses and outdated technologies.
  • We believe the backdrop for innovation investing remains favorable because of continued low economic growth and low inflation; in addition, the technology revolution is still in its early stages.

PORTFOLIO DETAILS as of 10/30/2020

Total Net Assets
$27.79 M
Number of Holdings
Weighted Average Market Cap.
470.2 B
P/B Ratio
P/E Ratio

Contributors & Detractors as of  09/30/2020


Holding Contribution
Tesla Motors, Inc. 2.8%
Immunomedics, Inc. 2.6%
Zoom Video Communicatio 2.3%
Apple, Inc. 1.7%
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 1.7%


Holding Contribution
Taser International, Inc. -0.4%
Paycom Software, Inc. -0.2%
Spotify Technology S A -0.2%
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. -0.2%
Svmk Inc -0.1%

Attribution Analysis 

Focused Growth Fund Benchmark Variance
Sector Avg. Weight Base Return Avg. Weight Base Return Stock Selection Group Weight Total

Fees & Expenses

Fees & Expenses

EXPENSE RATIOas of 10/31/2020

Fund Gross Expense Ratio Fund Net Expense Ratio
3.34% 1.30%

Fund Documents

Fund Documents

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0Documents selected
Summary Prospectus
Publish Date:11/03/2015
Statutory Prospectus
Publish Date:11/03/2015
Prospectus (XBRL)
Publish Date:11/03/2015
Publish Date:11/03/2015
Annual Report
Publish Date:11/03/2015
Semi-Annual Report
Publish Date:11/03/2015
Fact Sheet
Publish Date:11/03/2015
Publish Date:11/03/2015

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Class R3 - The performance quotations for Class R3 reflect the following methods of calculation: (a) for periods prior to the inception date for Class R3, a restated figure is used based on the Fund's Class A performance, excluding the effect of Class A's maximum sales charge (which does not apply to Class R3, adjusted to reflect the Rule 12b-1 rate differential between Class A and Class R3, which has a higher 12b-1 fee than Class A; and (b) for periods after the inception date for Class R3, actual Class R3 performance is used reflecting all charges and fees applicable to Class R3 shares. Hypothetical performance data for Class R3, as measured from since inception of the Fund using the methodology described above, is not available if the Class A inception date is equal or greater than ten years old. Please refer to the Class R3 performance information for the inception date for Class R3. Please refer to the Class A performance information for the inception date for Class A.

Class R3 shares are only offered to certain eligible investors.  For additional information, see the Fund’s current prospectus.

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